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If you’re into beautiful relaxing electro music, this song is it. It’s really sad when you think such a talented artist is not known, like this one. I present to you, Charmaine ^^ If you’re interested in hearing other songs by her, hear Not Fair and Epiphany. Tbh, her whole album ‘Love Reality’ is amazing! She also has a song called Tokyo I bet many people heard of (it’s used in the link there <).

(1) September 09, 2012
tagged: personal.

i’m just really tired and i need a break

(6) September 07, 2012
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doing my homework an hour and a half before class. ><;

 aww i remember the days when i used to do my homework 1 minute before the teacher was going to check if it was done. /i still do that 

(0) September 06, 2012
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Anonymous said: Your naruhina ask doesn't work.. :(

I know, I deactivated it… If you have anything to ask, ask away here (:

(1) September 02, 2012
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So… my parents noticed that something wasn’t smelling right this morning in our backyard, and my dad decided to throw all of the metal pipes and wooden boards, and found a dead kitty… it was probably playing around and one of the metal pipes fell on her and she died there… she may have suffered some time before she finally took her last breath… and maybe she was going ‘meow’ but noone heard her…

This pisses me off. Life pisses me off. She didn’t do anything, why did she have to die?! Why don’t you just go fuck yourself. This is one of the many reasons why I stopped believing in ‘god’ when I was younger. And don’t give me that circle of life fulfillment crap. Nothing about this is fair.

(2) August 31, 2012
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okay now seriously is the layout i put up as a background on my tumblr looking good or not? i’m unsure.

(2) August 31, 2012
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omg a mosquito just entered my nose

aaaaaaaaaand left 

(0) August 31, 2012
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This is so funny: 2 of my followers unfollowed me. Well you know what? I don’t regret the 2ne1 spam. XD

(2) August 28, 2012
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(7) August 28, 2012
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(2) August 28, 2012
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You know what I fucking hate? Complicated written html codes. I have this tumblr theme, and I had it for a while now, and I’ve decided to put up a layout I made as a background. And I can’t find the fucking option in the code to fucking send the posts box more to the right, which means I have to find a left margin, or padding, or just left something, I can’t explain it. Anyway, I’ve been looking for it for more than half an hour now and I’m pissed off so much I can’t even explain. I want to beat someone up. This isn’t fair, I never had problems with editing or writing codes, why is this so fucking complicated T.T

(3) August 27, 2012
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“Two people can have the exact same interests, yet get along terribly.”
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